Meet Ari, our favorite girl hitting the tables in 2019.  Ari is from Zoro and Godivi and is just so pretty.  She picked up her first leg at the AZ State Convention in February.  Great way to start the year!

Our only doe from spring of 2018, this is Clementine, from the same breeding as Godivi,  this little girl is just a delight to watch as she charges up and down the running board, full of personality and spunk.  Clementine earned her first leg at the Chino Valley NARBA show in Oct, congrats !

This photo is true to her personality....nose up in the air!

Welcome Godivi!  This sweet little girl made her debut at the Hop in the Pines show in Flagstaff, AZ in late July 2017 where she took an Open Reserve Best in Show.  Godivi is as sweet and friendly as she is beautiful.

Welcome "Gracie"!  Gracie is a very lively and energetic little doe from Reeses and Felix.  SO pretty, and a real joy to watch on the table.  Gracie will be headed to her first show in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ on June 24th.  Good luck little girl!

BOB Show B Watsonville CA!  Yea Gracie!
Gracie went to live with Garrett in CA, have fun, you two!
Say hello to Rising Sun, or "Sunny" for short, she is just  as sweet as she is beautiful. Sunny is one of our Spring 2016 juniors that is hoping to soak up the California sun in October for the ARBA Convention.

7/30/16  ASRCBA Hop in the Pines Show Show B.   Sunny takes BOB from a field of 10, Yea Sunny!

Welcome Tarra!  (Short for Tarragon)  Tarra was born Spring of 2014, and shows a lovely arch and sleek body.  She's very full of Rhinelander spirit, though loves to
snuggle for a few short moments every day.

BOB Show A Open JCC Summer Show, Scottsdale, 7/19/14
BOB Open C Color Country Show, Panguitch, UT, 8/16/14
BOB Open A and B NARBA Show, Chino Valley, AZ  10/4/14
BOB Open A and B SARBA Holiday Show, Tucson, AZ  12/6/14

Tara went to live with Dustin in Kansas summer of 2016
Winter:  Winter is one of our favorite does, born (you guessed it) in the very beginning of 2013,  She has such lovely table presence with her inquisitive spirit and nice extension of her front legs.  Winter competes with Flash, giving him a run for his money!
Best in Show Open, Panguitch Ut 8/13
Reserve Best in Show Youth, Panguitch Ut 8/13
Reserve Best of Show Youth, Scottsdale AZ 6/1
Best Reserve in Breed Youth, WCC, Reno NV 4/13
GC Jewel:  Born Dec 2010 to Romeo and Fifty, this little doe has just the lovliest markings.  With beautiful type and balance, she has begun her first show season with stellar success. 

BOV 2012 West Coast Classic Shows B and C
BOB 2011 AZ State Convention Show C
Reserve Best in Show, 2011 SARBA Show B
Best of Breed,  Show C,   West Caost Classic, Reno 4/17/11
BOSB  Specialty Show West Caost Classic 4/17/11
BOB 2012 AZ State Convention Show D


GC  Blossom:
Such a pretty pose on this sweet
little girl!  Blossom took BOB in Show B at
the EARS/NARBA in Chino Valley on 10/9/11.


I really think Blossom is trying to pose for the camera!!!
This sport doe is 50/50; remember her from the baby photos?  She's developing into a lovely girl, showing great length and nice leg extension from her mom.  When playing in the living room, she loves to jump up on Nicola's lap to say hello!

Sold to Ashlyn 4/17/11.

Liberty, or "Libby" for short.  Born 7/23/13, this picture of Libby was taken at 18 months, so despite several litters, she can still show her stuff!  Libby is the daughter of a strikingly orange sport named Harley, a littermate of Flash.  Libby brings a great vibrant orange color to our lines, and also happens to be a beautifully attentive mom.

Jelly Bean:

Youth Best of Breed 2009 ARBA National
BOB Show A  2010 AZRCBA State Convention. 
Bean is so sweet and social!

Sold 10/9/10 to Phoenix 4-H member.....Enjoy this sweetie!

*GC denotes "Grand Champion" status