Meet the boys of 2018!  First up:  Agent!

Agent is just a really handsome guy who happens to also be a real socialite.  He's that one in the rabbitry who dances like crazy whenever we are around and seems to insist on being held and doted over.  Agent earned his first leg at the NARBA Fall Kick Off show in Oct. 2018.   Yea Agent!

Meet Griffen!  Griffen is the beautifully marked and equally handsome brother to Agent, also with a curious and outgoing personality.  Griffen too received his first leg at the NARBA Fall Kick-Off Show.  The race is on......

12/2018  Costa Mesa, CA  Griffen takes open B
Reserve Best in Show! YEA Griffen!

Howdy newcomer Charger!  Charger is our first offspring of Moonlight and Ferchaud's Zoro.  This little guy is just so easy to photograph, always doing something silly.  He also seems to have an affinity for cats, that's him on the homepage with the family's Puddy cat.

Hello Zoro!  Coming to us from California as just a little guy in Feb 2018, this is Ferchaud's Zoro.  Such pretty markings and lovely lines, we've got to say, we are really smitten!
Another new face for Spring of 2017, meet Cracker Jax!  This little guy is full of zip and plenty sweet... a real treat!  We are looking forward to his first show in June in Lakeside, AZ.
Howdy there Rascal!  A colorful little guy from Magic and Flash, unique in markings (love those ears!) and personality to boot.  He loves to run the table and sit tall!

WCC 2017:  Rascal takes best junior buck of ten in three of the five shows!  Great Job Rascal!
Greetings to Brickle!  Brickle is the son of Felix and Buttercup, a VERY sweet little boy who loves to pose tall.  One of those little guys that just feels like a "keeper".

7/30/16 ASRCBA  Hop in the Pines Show, Flagstaff, AZ  Show A Brickle took his first leg as Best Junior Buck.

Woo Hoo!  10/10/16  ARBA National Convention, San Diego, CA.  Brickle takes Best Opposite Sex Breed!

Hello Scotch!

This little guy is from Felix and Reeses, with just beautiful hindquarters and overall presence.  Easily the most difficult to photograph as he just has a hard time standing still!  Not a bad feature....  

Howdy Pierce!  Pierce is from Felix and Tarra.  During his first show the judge asked "where's his earring?", Yep, his brother (lovingly?) pierced his ear for him.  Hoping he will outgrow his name and the ear will close up nicely.

08/16 Pierce went to live with Christa,  wishing them both lots of success!

Welcome Skipper!  Skipper is one of our spunky new bucks of 2016, full of energy and zip.  Skipper is from two of our favorite Rhinelanders, Winter and Rolo.  We're excited to watch him on the table in the upcoming summer months!

08/16  Skipper went to live with Dustin and his lovely family in Kansas!  Do great Skipper!

Hey There Taz!  Another new buck of 2016 from  Reeses (sport sister of Buttercup) and Felix.  Pretty markings and a lovely boy.  Looking forward to his next show, Convention in Del Mar!

Tax went to live with Jason in Kingman, AZ, looking forward to seeing him on the youth tables!
 Taz  did great at the ARBA National Convention on 10/10/16, taking fourth out of 14 junior bucks!  Yea Taz!!

Hello to Rocky, one of our favorite bucks of 2016.  Rocky is from Rolo and Reeses, and is looking forward to hitting the tables this summer!

7/30/16 ASRCBA Hop in the Pines Show Show B, Flagstaff, AZ Rocky takes BOSB... lost to Sunny by a hare!

Rockt went to live with Dustin and his lovely family in Kansas 08/16.

Meet Ferchaud's  Felix, our lovely and VERY large buck moving to AZ to lend his awesome size to our herd.  Photographing Felix was a challenge as he had difficulty
keeping all four big feet on the running board!.  Loving Felix's offspring as they are showing beautiful round hind quarters and nice separation of side spots.
Welcome Rolo!  Born August of 2014, Rolo was an only child of Libby and Flash and was originally named "Solo", but as he grew rather quickly that changed to Rolo instead... plus, he's certainly as sweet as candy!  Although no longer the youngest of the crew, he still acts completely like a snuggly baby, loving to be held and spoken to by his people.  Rolo earned his first leg as Best of Breed at the age of 4 months, we are so proud of him!

BOB Open Show C SARBA Holiday Show, Tucson, AZ  12/6/14
BOB Open Show ASRCBA Kingman Show 05/16/15

Update:  Rolo nowadays seems to confuse himself with a dog...  When he's playing in the backyard he regularly jumps up onto our laps and asks for pets!  Very goofy!
Flash:  Flash is our favorite buck for the Spring of 2013.  His type and markings are very nice, and his pretty face seems to catch plenty of attention.

2013 West Caost Classic youth shows A, B, and C.  Quite nice results for his first big show!

BOB 2014 SARBA Spring Shows B and C... still looking pretty as he's all grown up!
*BOB denotes "Best of Breed"
 Prince:  Prince was born to Reno and Jewel on New Year's of 2012.  This photo was taken at 10 weeks old, just as he was learning the finer points of the running board. 

First Win!  Prince took Best in Show in show C and Reserve Best in Show in show B of the SARBA Spring Show 4/24/12.  Congrats Prince!

4/22/12  Prince takes Open Best of Variety and Best Opposite Breed shows B and C of the West Coast Classic.  4 grand champion legs before the age of 4 months... you rock Prince!

Prince went to live with Lorena 4/2012 to enjoy life in Northern California.
**UPDATEPrince took Open Best of Breed at the 2012 ARBA National Convention.    Congrats Prince and Lorena!!!

Prince took BOV at the 2013 National Convention (Best Of Variety in black)  Yeah Lorena!


Reno:  Reno has been instrumental in my breeding program, bringing great type and color.   Reno sired 2012 ARBA Convention Open Rhinelander BOB Prince, as well as several other outstanding juniors.


        GC  Romeo: 2nd Youth Senior Buck at
        ARBA National Convention 2009
BOB AZRCBA 2010 Convention Show A
          Reserve Best in Show AZRCBA
          Fall Kick-Off Show B in 2009.

          2010 Yavapai County Fair BOB! 
          4/17/11  BOSB Show B, West Coast
                      Classic, Reno, NV
           2/18/12  1st place Black Buck
           AZ State Convention Show A

                      You still have it Romeo!

Sold to Drew 2/12.  Lucky buck!


GC  PJ Funnybunny
:  Personality plus, a great
jumper, and starting with a bang on his first
show season. 
10/9/10  Reserve Best in Show at the
EARS/NARBA Open Show B in Chino Valley. 
PJ was also BOB in the Open Show A that day. 
What a little wildfire!

9/02/10  Coconino County Fair  Best of Breed.

2/19/11  Best of Breed Az State Convention Show B
4/16 & 4/17/11  Best of Breed BOTH youth Rhinelander Specialty Shows,   West Coast Classic, Reno.

Sold to Ashlyn 4/17/11.  Now go rock the midwest PJ!!


This is M&M, a littermate of PJ.  While he is mismarked
on one side, his type and size are stunning.
M&Ms "other" side, lack of spots to balance.
Pose still beautiful, maybe he hasn't counted
his right sides spots yet!

M&M went to live with Lorena and his many relatives in Northern California.

Ziggie:  My first Rhinelander and my favorite buck.  Ziggie adds very nice color and type to the lines.  He is leashed trained, and comes when he's called to dinner from the play yard- a real sweetie!  ** Ziggie will be turning 6 in December 2013 ... a long loved friend.         My favorite bunny went to rabbit heaven on 11-13-13. I will always remember you boy:)